Lightcircle enters reverse takeover with publicly listed company

Lightcircle receives bid and enters into reverse takeover agreement with swedish publicly listed company, Net Trading Group AB.

The agreement means Lightcircle owns 73% of the new company which will be named Lightcircle AB (publ.) and listed on the Stockholm exchange. The agreement will enable Lightcircle to scale our business faster on an international level, as well as rewarding our shareholders with a listed stock and a very exciting continued journey with the Kokong products and technology. NTG AB´s shareholders join a growing Nordic company with a disruptive technology, unique products and a long term global vision to provide sustainable, smart charging of chargeable consumer electronics, micro mobility and hybrid and electric cars.

As a result of NTG AB agreement Lightcircle will be well poised for growth. The public company will have a strong board of directors and Lightcircle`s Morten Revill as CEO/VD.