The new KOKONG Touch is finally here

The next Kokong is here, and brings a human touch.

Smart technology is often seeminlgy complex, techie, or difficult to use for most people.

Kokong Touch is the first smart socket that responds to human touch.

This is useful when you want to control Kokong even when it has turned off power after charging, say to keep power on for a laptop.

Or when you wake in the morning and want to awake Kokong as well. Just tap it with your finger to wake it.

Kokong Touch is also good for those with disabilities, as you don`t need to see, or hear, or know to get it to work. Just touch.

This is so simple, so human, and is at the base of the Lightcircle vision for the Kokong brand.

We hope this will be a valued, green and sustainable gift under the tree this Christmas.