"Because we`re only human."

Kokong works by way of detection and preprogramming. So you don`t need an app to switch stuff on or off or to remember anything. 

All you have to do is to plug in. You don`t even need the internet.
The idea here is that we`re only human; we as humans tend to forget stuff, or we leave stuff plugged in. We want to live our lives. There are many smart plugs on the market where an app is a great way to turn off the lights in your cabin or apartment. If you remember. If you`re technical enough. 

Kokong does this without an app. So whether you are forgetful, stressed, a young kid whose mind is on everything else but removing a charger, or a demented elderly who struggles to remember, well, no app needed. When the charging is done, Kokong disconnects the charger for you.

For those of us who want an app, it`s coming in 2019. Our app will primarily be so you can see how much power you have consumed, and saved, but also to override Kokong manually so you can turn stuff on or off yourself. Plus, if you do connect Kokong to the internet, you`ll be able to receive software updates, keeping Kokong on the forefront of the plugin devices for many years to come.